Of Deconstruction, Reconstruction, and Living in the Tension

It was September 2019 when I hit a wall in my faith journey and started questioning my theological foundations. Because of the nature of my work at OMF Literature, I was exposed to the whole spectrum of Biblical Christianity. As I took a step back, I saw how what I knew back then—my entire theological …

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Maundy Thursday, Lent 2022

As Jesus laid down his right just to serve his disciples, he was setting an example for all the disciples that would follow him. In our local church, we are expected to do the same. Anything less would be disobedience and an insult to the grace and mercy that we have received from our Lord and Savior.

Holy Wednesday, Lent 2022

During Holy Week in the Philippines, things usually grind to a halt — but sadly, not because of spiritual matters. “Holy Week” in this country is no longer synonymous with pausing, quietness, and meditation. It has become one of the most anticipated times because everyone has the time to get out of town and go to the beach. In an effort to create some space for meditation, I usually write down my thoughts during these days, and I hope it will help you move into a more meditative approach to this week.

Holy Monday, Lent 2022

Jesus was bringing a victory that was deeper than what the Jews were looking for. It was freedom from sin, and reconciliation with God — through the Gospel. It was the rebuilding of what real community looked like. He was going to die for sinners, and those who would repent and believe in him would be justified, sanctified, and called into community. This was the beginning of the kingdom of God, and it was going to start with what we now call “church”.